LARS Restaurant & Bar: Local, Authentic, Relaxed, Social
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Welcome to LARS Restaurant & Bar

LARS is much more than merely a bar; more than an restaurant. Our Bloomington, MN eatery provides a casual dining experience with a menu infused with local ingredients and flavors.

The features, feel, and ambiance of LARS is specifically designed to resonate with all our patrons, on many levels. From delicious cocktails to bar rituals and even live music, there is always a welcoming atmosphere.

This is LARS. You are LARS. We are LARS.

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Family Gatherings

Located Inside Renaissance, Bloomington Hotel

The charm and atmosphere of an establishment, especially in a bar & restaurant-style setting, is greatly (and often directly), influenced by the food and drink as much as the overall decor and accouterments bedecking its interior.

As such, LARS has embraced the philosophy of diversity to the fullest! From the stylings, artwork, and decor tastefully gracing the walls to the noteworthy cuisines and appetizers that comprise our menu, LARS is as unique and varied as our valued clientele!